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Healthy homes

Preparing your rental property for the Healthy Homes Standards is essential. We share everything you need to know to ensure your investment meets the requirements, well ahead of the compliance date. Together, we can ensure that your tenants are healthier and happier in their homes.

Healthy Homes Standards: Planning ahead

The Healthy Homes Standards are a set of minimum requirements for the quality of rental properties in New Zealand.

The Standards became law on 1 July 2019, with a clearly defined timeline between then and 1 July 2024 - the date when all rental homes must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards, regardless of the length or status of their current tenancy agreements.

Getting Prepared: The Timeline

The Healthy Homes Standards became law on 1 July 2019 with a five-year rollout plan. In this blog, we break down the timeline for complying with the new requirements, highlighting your obligation as a landlord at every stage.

Why do we need the Healthy Homes Standards?

It’s important to understand why the Healthy Homes Standards were created. In this blog, we’ll explore the research and reasoning behind the new legislation.

Frequently asked questions

Does the COVID-19 outbreak affect the rollout?

Who pays for work required to meet the Healthy Homes Standards?

I have a new house that meets the Building Code. Does this mean I automatically meet the Healthy Homes Standards?

When does my property have to meet the standards?

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